B&Q service design

Role: Lead UX Architect   |    Project type: Innovation/Discovery


Although B&Q is viewed as a very trusted brand by their customers that describe it as "Practical" and "Objective" the current customer experience, digital or retail, is not without it's hick ups. 


Analysing the content of two days of in-store interviews with customers gave us valuable insights in how customers viewed the brand and their pains. 

Common customer pains were:

"I can never find anything I want in the store"
 "I don't know what I need to buy to use this product with"
 "I never know the quantities of what I need"
 "It's really frustrating having to return to the store because I forgot something"


We also identified two main reasons customers visit a B&Q store or website:

  1. "I have a problem I have to fix urgently"
  2. "I have a project I am/will be working on"



  1. B&Q has a vast portfolio of exclusive content on Youtube with DIY projects and tutorials.
  2. B&Q has bespoke apps to help users assess how much of materials they need for their projects. 



After identifying the main pain points we mapped out the current customer experience for an in-store customer from the moment any problem arises or the choice of a new home improvement project to what happens after it's finished and we found out that:

  • the journey is comprised of many paths branching out to a lot of digital properties and resulting in a lot of dead ends until the project has been finished
  • that the only brand involvement from B&Q in that journey was at the moment of visiting the website to know if products were in stock and the purchase of the products in-store.


We had the objective of making B&Q the first stop for all things related to home improvement so we had to cover the whole customer experience with our digital journeys. We decided to go with an improved "Cooking instructions" method where the user gets help choosing the recipe, has a detailed list of materials and measurements which he can turn into a list or a basket alongside with a video and text instructions

In short this meant:

Step 1 - Open app

  1. Search for help
  2. Live chat 
  3. Home improvement/inspiration

Step 4 - Choose project based..

  1. on a need
  2. on user reviews
  3. on my aspirations

Step 3 - Materials

  1. What materials do I need
  2. How much of materials do I need
  3. Related products for materials
  4. Making a list of materials

Step 4 - Go to store

  1. Use app to find isle and shelf of product
  2. Use app to call for help of an expert
  3. Use app to pay and collect B&Q Club points

Step 5 - The build

  1. Follow detailed steps for project
  2. Document progress of the project
  3. Share the project with the community