Formula E is based on the question:

“What is the racing of the future?”

Answering this with ideas like sustainability, transparency, connectivity and reach, and urban.
As a lead UX Architect in this project I posed the challenge to the team of how could we bring these values to the experience of the app.
One of the client requirements was that the app was engaging and appealed to a broad age group, starting with a younger audience.






In order to fit within those values we asked ourselves “what would the menu of the future look like?” and how can it be relevant and elevate the concept.

We organised a brainstorming session where we used a number of techniques of idea generation and evaluation and used topic relevant props to discover by play.

The result was the concept of the iPad as a steering wheel and the value that the UI of the future is the one that adapts to the user.

We came up with a menu that can be accessed with the thumbs while holding the iPad as a steering wheel. The menu will appear where the user places his thumb and can be accessed either on the left or right side of the device.



Born from the inspiration on video games, and in order to bring cohesion to the whole interface, the navigation had to be engaging but consistent. Using 3 axis to give a sense of space was the solution so that users could build a mental model of the application. 

Each section is at a different angle from one another. Navigating through sections pushes on the Z axis and rotates while moving. 

Content within a section is laid out in the X axis. Navigating through content by swiping horizontally (like a carrousel).

Detail content within each section is laid out in the Y axis. Users navigate by tapping the relevant content and the screen pushes up.