Here's what I do


I've conducted formal and informal interviews with sorting exercises with users, diary studies, surveys and user testing as well as architecture and content audits. 

I document and analyse the research into affinity map, experience maps, scenario maps and other relevant data visualisation documents in order to better understand the needs of the users.


I lead structured ideation and service design workshops around a few techniques like the 4 R's framework, Design thinking frameworks and value proposition design frameworks.

These workshops involve users, stakeholders and if available, the full product team, from management to development

In these workshops post its, card sorting and a lot of sketching is involved


I develop prototypes for different purposes during the design process. 

For initial concept prototyping I use Marvel app or POP

For flow prototypes for clients or user testing I use Invision or Marvel

For prototyping micro interactions and test them on devices I use Principle, Origami, Pixate, Form, Flinto,, Framer and Keynote.

For more complex prototypes involving logic I develop html, css and javascript prototypes.


When it comes to implementation I design userflows, page flows, site maps, taxonomy trees, wireframes and full detailed specs. 

Test & Validate

Whether it's in a formal user testing session or in several short guerrilla approaches I validate my decisions and design directions.

Some of the brands I've worked with

FIFA, Vodafone, Exxon Mobil, Barclays, VISA, RBS, Natwest, Coutts, FE Formula E, B&Q, Audi, Fiat,