Contactless payments have become much more ubiquitous but, much like its predecessor, they still require some user interaction at each payment point and they don't contribute much to the in-store experience of customers and their relationship with the brand.  

Competitor research

Paypal Local

When looking at a service that Paypal offers, the issue of payments being impersonal were addressed by adding an obligatory interaction with the cashier to recognise the client. This also makes the service feel a lot more personal. 


  • Makes payments personal
  • Secure


  • Requires 3 to 4 steps to pay
  • Requires paypal account


Visa momentum is a hands free, fully integrated payment and loyalty system that allows customers to make payments with little to no friction.

Using BLE at its root, the POS will detect what customers are in store and is able to collect the payment from the customer. All without interaction from the user. As soon as the payment is received, the customer gets a detailed transaction receipt.

Customers have the ability to set thresholds that will require authorisation for payments.

It works by integrating with any POS system for existing merchants whilst being available as a full POS system for new businesses. On the customer side it could be integrated in banking apps or merchant apps.